Ethereum (ETH) Exhibits 7% Downtrend in 7-days Run

Ethereum price has reflected a tremendous fall in the price over the week. The price slipped from $189 to $185. The overall drop has registered 7% decline in the price of the ETH coin. The same is due to the current market scenario which not impressive. However, the loyal traders are still hopeful for an […]

Ethereum (ETH) is Heading for Profitable Closing

Ethereum price was seen battling with the bear from the past couple of days. The traders who have dealt with ETH coin in the past must be aware of the momentum. The coin has the potential to turn the current slight improvement into heavy upsurge. Yesterday, the currency touched a high of $186.25 and a […]

Ethereum’s Volatile Fluctuations of the Week Cost it 3.46%

Ethereum has shown volatility over the last seven days. There have been three major price fluctuations in these days, and it has made an overall 3.46% loss in the price against the US Dollar. Ethereum Price Analysis ETH coin opened the week at 188.05 USD, and in the next 13 hours and 15 minutes of […]

Ethereum (ETH) Weekly Growth Gets Hampered by Recent Price Crash

Ethereum price movement has been marking an improvement from the beginning of the month. The same was quite a relief for the traders who are planning for a long-term investment. However, the current price drop has changed the dynamics, but we are still hopeful that the coin might improve. Yesterday, ETH price was spotted dealing […]

Ethereum (ETH) Faces Extreme Volatility in the Last Week

Ethereum loses 1.79% value in the last week It may find the next resistance at 188.46 USD ETH coin has been through immense volatility over the last 7 days, like all its other peers. It has made an overall loss of 1.79% in these last 7 days and shown three huge price shifts. Ethereum Price […]

SNB’s Jordan Expressed Threat From Foreign Stablecoins To Switzerland’s Monetary Policy

Thomas Jordan, Chairman of Swiss National Bank, disclosed his worries regarding the stablecoins. He said that Switzerland’s monetary policy could be affected due to the stablecoins like Facebook led Libra cryptocurrency as they are linked with a group of stable currencies. He said, “the Swiss franc would not create any risk; however if the stablecoins […]