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Ethereum (ETH) Records 45% Fall Over the Last 30 Days

The drop in the market is currently pushing the coins’ price to plunge below the 30-days low. Ethereum is victimized and thus dropping tremendously. The 30-days low price has to be reshuffled once again, and it now at $147. Almost 30 days ago, ETH coin started at $270. The price improved, and around February 15, the currency touched 90-days high at $287. The same was followed by a selling pressure which was again recovered. The massive plunge in the Ethereum price started from the last week in February and continued till today. The tremendous loss in the price is scary for the traders.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum (ETH) Price News

Ethereum price was at $270 on February 13, and on the next day, the currency dribbled to $263 by 2.78%. The price escalated to $286 by 9.21% on February 15 but couldn’t hold itself and dropped to $249 by 13.18%. Then, it climbed back to $284 by 14.28% and fell to $252 in the next few days. The ETH price was spotted improving in the subsequent days, and on February 24, it was at $277.

In the next 3 days, the price dropped and touched $217 and then locked itself at the same level till the month-end. The ongoing month started with an upsurge. The improvement was slow yet impactful. By the end of 5 days, the price counters moved from $214 to $249 by 16.12%. Further, the price of Ethereum dropped tremendously to $190 by 21.90% and locked itself at the same level until March 11. ETH coin was later caught by the pullback pressure and thus dropped to $147. Today, the currency has readjusted the 30-days low.

The currency has crashed to $147 and thus violated the immediate support level at $185.17, the next support level at $175.47, and the major support level at $166.58.

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