Supercharged Trading on TurboXBT: How to Make Money Predicting Asset Price Swings

Supercharged Trading on TurboXBT: How to Make Money Predicting Asset Price Swings

Oftentimes, people wonder at the ease with which some individuals collectively called traders to make money from predicting the price movements of digital assets. The reality is that trading is not difficult, provided there is a confluence of factors already predefined to aid the trader’s success.

Herein comes one of the best synthetic digital assets trading platforms, TurboXBT, a relatively new brokerage that is shifting the paradigm in all areas to power a supercharged trading for all users. The trading exchange offers instant profits and a relatively high Return on Investment (ROI) of up to 90% per trade.

TurboXBT: The Platform

If ‘supercharge’ were to be given a true representation, then TurboXBT will be amongst the trading platforms that is modeling this exceptional experience for all users, whether new or old. From the platform’s unique design, which boldly features a red and dark theme on legible imprints, the aesthetics are such that signals that an exceptional user experience is ahead. 

For non-English speaking first-time visitors to the platform, a quick navigation to the top right hand corner will easily help in switching the language preference to one of the 15 extra languages the platform supports. These include but are not limited to Russian, French, Italian, and Vietnamese. 

TurboXBT supports a crop of 17 distinct assets covering diverse markets, including Foreign exchange, commodities, indices, and the newer and relatively more volatile digital currencies. These 17 assets are spread to form a total of 38 trading pairs, some of which include BTC/USD, CRUDE/USD, S&P 500/USD, and AUD/JPY, respectively. 

These various trading pairs have a specific payout rate or expected earning percentage payout. In line with TurboXBT’s transparency policy, these payout rates are often defined before a user enters a short-term contract on the platform. The values can change with respect to undefined underlying market factors.

TurboXBT supports no KYC and no commission policies, an added level of convenience that helps in establishing its supercharged status. The absence of KYC makes it easy for users to get aboard the platform using just their functional email address and password. This notably removes the hassles for users when compared with other trading platforms around today. The no-commission policy gives users more value for their capitals, no matter how little or big it may be. 

How TurboXBT Works in Practice

After scaling the registration process, the users will need to fund their accounts using either payment method supported. This could be via one of four cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT, or USDC) or via credit/debit cards through Coinify. Once the accounts are funded, the user can enter the first short term contracts by following the prompt below;

User selects the asset pair to trade, such as, the BTC/USD pair. The trade is then performed by pressing either the green UP button to bet on the price rises or the red DOWN button to bet on price falls on an appropriate time period that is available on the chart interface. Trade winnings are determined by whether the traded pair increased (gained) or decreased (lost) in value within the specific time limit/period. 

TurboXBT trading comes with its risks, and users are enjoined to adhere to their personal risk management strategies when using the platform. To help cushion all forms of risks, however, users can utilize the demo accounts attached to each trading account. 

Supercharging Unto Profitability

The entirety of the operations of TurboXBT, as described above, is all geared towards helping users get the best of their respective trading engagements. With the average return on investment largely achievable within each of the supported time frames (30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes), it invariably implies that the platform is now much better a platform to pitch tent with compared to other platforms with models where traders enter trades for a relatively long time period and for much lesser earnings.

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