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Ethereum Price Analysis: Ethereum Price Dribbles to $95 Amidst the Crash

Ethereum comes under the top trending coins in the market. The coin touched an intraday low at $111 on yesterday. The same was anticipated to be a higher low of ETH price after a long time. However, the same momentum continued, and today, it took the price counter to $95. If the data is scrolled down, then Ethereum would be seen at $95 in around December month of the year 2018.

ETH/USD Price Chart:

Ethereum (ETH) Price News

Yesterday, Ethereum coin started trading at $195 in the first hour. In the next 10 hours, the price dropped to $167 by 14.24% fall, and later, the downtrend strengthened and dribbled to $128 by 23.07% at 11:03 UTC. The fall in the price was tremendous, and thus the ETH coin exhibited a lock around the same that stayed till 18:54 UTC. Further, the price of Ethereum dropped to $125 by 9.10% at 20:51 UTC. There was a slight improvement that brought the ETH price to $133 but again slipped to $110. However, the day closed at $111, with an overall intraday regression of 43%.

Today, Ethereum again started with a downside movement, and within the first few hours, the price slipped to $95.19 by 14.24% fall. Later, the price improved to $140 by 46.89% in the next 1 hour. The currency slipped to $111, but further in the period of 5 hours, the coin recovered to $133 by 19.83%. At the time of writing this analysis, the price of the Ethereum was $133. The coin is heading downwards, but the possibility of dribbling is quite thin.

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