Ethereum price movement was spotted marking loss in the weekly run. The fall seems to stay with the coin for a little longer than expected. Few coins have started recovering, but ETH is still battling with the bear. The possibility of improvement still seems hanging. The traders might need to show a little more patience with the coin. In the last three months, the Ethereum price was spotted dealing at a high of $156.61 and a low of $133.80.

Ethereum Price Analysis:

ETH coin was dealing at $187.39 on August 28, 2019. The month closed with a fall of 10.23% at $169.01. The currency improved at the beginning of September and touched $222.95 by 31.91% progression. Later, the price of Ethereum dropped to $155.03 by 30.6%. The price escalated in the later days and touched $196.70 by 26.88%. There was a heavy drop and touched $156.22. Further, the ETH price jumped and touched $198.38 by 26.90%. The month closed at $182.40. The ongoing month started with a moderate movement. Later, the price dropped to $136.25 by 21.67%. There is a slight improvement in the coin that has brought the Ethereum price to $153.97.

ETH/USD Price Chart

Ethereum is under huge pressure. The currency would take a substantial amount of time to improve. The traders interested in the coin must remain patient so that in the future, they could book a colossal profit.

As far as the intraday trading is concerned, ETH coin would remain dramatic. The current price of Ethereum is $155. The coin might move towards the immediate support level at $150. Ethereum is recommended for long-term investors. The specified investment would bring the desired return to traders.

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