The Ethereum Price movement has reflected a marginal improvement. In the last seven days, the currency battled the bear and took the price from $146 (November 26, 2019) to $151 (today, December 02, 2019). The market cap changed from $16,193,326,033 (November 26, 2019) to $16,479,021,340 (today, December 02, 2019). However, the ETH coin is reflecting a substantial loss since yesterday. The intraday traders are anticipated to book losses.

Ethereum Price Analysis:

Yesterday, ETH price started dealing at $152.04. The price dropped to $146.84 by 3.45%. The price jumped to $149.44 by 1.77%. Later, the Ethereum price slipped to $146.74 by 1.81%. The coin shifted to $153.55 by 4.64%. Further, the coin took an astounding leap and touched $153.55 by 4.64%. The price dropped to $149.79 by 2.45% in the later hours. The ETH coin again embarked recovery before closing and touched $153.02 again by 2.16%. Ethereum closed the day with 2.45% regression at $151.97. Today, the day began with an escalation. The price counter touched $150.97 by 0.87%. The price escalated to $152.73 by 1.21%. Later, the price again slipped to $148.67.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Chart

Along with Ethereum, many other coins were reflecting uptrend a few hours ago. And now, the currency is registering the loss. The ETH coin has breached the immediate support level at $148.01. The coin can slip to the next support level at $144.83. The market isn’t giving impressive signs as of now, but the situation is likely to improve at some time. The traders are recommended to opt for long-term investment in Ethereum. The specified period would give the desired result to the investors.

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