ETN is out of Top 100 Crypto ranking marathon!

Electroneum seems to mark its territory in the charity trust as well. After 2008, the trust in the charities has dropped from 67% to 55% already. But with the innovations like Electroneum, the donations might be realized in the same field again.

It seems like a noble through at the end of ETN community and might bring some credibility and loyalty form the users in the network soon.

The value of ETN is currently trading at $0.005374 at 07:17 UTC time on 19th July 2019. In past 5 days, the lower value was seen on 14th July at 14:15 UTC time trading against 0.00000052 BTC value. The value increased by 15.29% on 15th July at 17:15 UTC time trading at 0.00000060 BTC value. However, the lowest touchdown was seen on 17th July at 18:50, when the value dropped by -16.62% trading against 0.00000050 BTC value. Yesterday, the value saw a slight escalation by 10.14% at 10:30 UTC time with the trading value of 0.00000055 against BTC value. However, that value is dropped by -7.25% as of now.

Prediction and Conclusion

Sliding in the slight bearish, ETN might reach to pivot point soon. However, ETN still lacks new partnership with exchanges, only then they will gain the real visibility in the capitalization. As of now, they were thrown away from top 100 ranking, hope to see some escalations to get back in the game soon.

The calculated resistance support that traders might want to consider is as follows:

  • R3: 0.00638
  • R2: 0.006037
  • R1: 0.005836
  • Pivot Point: 0.005493
  • S1: 0.005292
  • S2: 0.004949
  • S3: 0.004748

By end of 2019, let’s hope to see some flying valuation of $0.01 in ETN chart.