Buy Bitcoins with Credit Cards on Coinitix Crypto Platform

Buy Bitcoins with Credit Cards on Coinitix Crypto Platform

There are hundreds of types of cryptocurrencies today, but the first digital currency to be introduced was Bitcoin. This coin has traditionally been transacted through the Wallet, where visitors to the site are helped in navigation through on-screen instructions. However, the opening an account on the usual exchanges is a long and tedious affair, as are the payment modes for adding Bitcoins to the wallet.

Here is where Coinitix, a cryptocurrency platform, brings a lot of benefits to the table. It is user-friendly, based on technologically-advanced systems, and most critically offers the credit card mode to users to buy Bitcoins. This is a massive advantage as the transaction process is quick while being safe and secure. Further, it is a unique mix of two different levels of buying and paying – buying digital cryptocurrency and paying with fiat currency that has the stamp of approval of governments around the world.

Once you want to buy Bitcoins with your credit card on the Coinitix platform, it is essential to know first what the site has to offer.

Here are some of the primary features of Coinitix.

  • Customer Support: It is preferable to start with the highly optimized customer service and support offered by Coinitix as this is the area where roadblocks are generally faced by users on other crypto sites. Coinitix provides round the clock customer support in a virtual environment through phone, email, and live chat in real-time. The online chat is in the language of users’ choice, and hence most issues are resolved to complete satisfaction.
  • Fast Payouts: This is where Coinitix is a leader as payouts are lightning-fast. As soon as the credit card payment to buy Bitcoins is confirmed, the Bitcoins are instantly transferred to the digital wallet without any lag or waiting time.
  • Low Commissions: One of the most common problems faced by buyers on crypto platforms are high commissions and hidden fees. However, on Coinitix, it is among the lowest among similar platforms. This is because the commission is calculated as a flat fee on every trade or 30-day average trading volume. The savings in fees can be substantial for high volume trades, and hence, Coinitix has a distinct advantage here.
  • Regulated Cryptocurrency Platform: Cryptocurrency’s worldwide issue is that it is not regulated and does not come under statutory or governmental control. Hence both crypto and the platforms are manipulated by unscrupulous people. But when it comes to Coinitix, these issues do not arise. Coinitix is registered and licensed by the Economic Affairs Department, Government of Estonia. The system that powers the platform – Xshop OU – is also under the control of the Estonian authorities. Hence, trading is safe and secure as it falls under the laws of a country.

All these highlight the USPs of this cryptocurrency trading site. But what does Coinitix has to offer that sets it apart exclusively from the rest of the pack? As given before, buyers can acquire Bitcoins by paying with their credit cards.

Bitcoins, the first cryptocurrency to be introduced globally, have usually been bought from the Wallet via a range of payment modes such as bank wire transfers and debit cards. Payment realization times are often lengthy, and the Bitcoins are transferred to an individual’s wallet after a considerable time-gap. The same goes for Bitcoin Cash, which is obtained from a peer-to-peer crypto platform.

On Coinitix, these problems do not arise. All you need to do is open an account and after the due verification process, you can start buying Bitcoins with your credit card.

Here is how an account is opened on Coinitix before you can start buying Bitcoins with credit cards.

  • The first step is to upload your documents that include proof of identity, proof of residence, and a few others. A username and a password have to be created too. This step is easy, even for those who are not aware of the systems, as on-screen instructions guide customers with the necessary information. Simply follow them, and you are through.
  • All the information and the documents provided by you will now be verified by the Coinitix site. The verification process is very detailed and thorough as the platform has to meet certain statutory requirements. Hence, it might take some time, but then this is necessary for the safety of your funds.
  • Once the documents are verified, your account will be opened and activated. You can then start buying Bitcoins easily with your credit card.

All transactions on the Coinitix platform is transparent and above board with no hidden charges or commissions.

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