VeChain Shows Some Signs of Stability; Signed an MoU with The San Marino Republic

The San Marino Republic recently adopted blockchain technology and signed a memorandum of understanding with VeChain Foundation to become the first carbon-neutral country. The partnership will mutually benefit each other. While VeChain will help San Marino to develop, promote, and deliver a full ecosystem of technological innovation, it will also help VeChain in extending its market reach.

VeChain Price Analysis & Future Forecast-

On June 28, VeChain price was trading around 0.00761296 USD. However, over the period of 25-days, the altcoin has shown a decline of 23.1%. However, weekly trading portrays a contrary story, where the altcoin has gone up by 13.32% from 0.00517114 USD on July 17. Yesterday was also a good trading day for the crypto. It opened at 0.006092 USD and with a strengthening of 2.05%, wrapped the day at 0.006217 USD.

Just like the rest of the market, there is a bit of slowdown in the altcoin at present, but VeChain is making some stable action, and that’s the good news for the investors. As per our prediction, VeChain (VET) will trade around 0.015 USD by the end of 2019. The immediate resistance for the VET coin is at 0.006402 USD, and the support level is at 0.00572 USD.


The recent partnership is a much-needed push for the altcoin, and its effect can be seen in today’s trading. The Market Capitalisation and trading volume of the altcoin have also increased from yesterday’s level. The coin has a flat trajectory at present, and investors should hold VET coins at these levels.