Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis

Ethereum (ETH) Weekly Growth Gets Hampered by Recent Price Crash

Ethereum price movement has been marking an improvement from the beginning of the month. The same was quite a relief for the traders who are planning for a long-term investment. However, the current price drop has changed the dynamics, but we are still hopeful that the coin might improve.

Yesterday, ETH price was spotted dealing at a high of $189.33 and a low at $185.94. During the entire week, Ethereum is spotted recovering. Let’s have a look at the ETH chart:

Ethereum (ETH) Forecast

Ethereum Price Prediction

On November 08, the ETH price started dealing at $186.45. The coin slipped to $183.72 by the end of the day by 1.46%. On November 09, the price shifted to $184.93 by 0.66%. Ethereum price jumped to $189.64 by 2.64% on November 10. On the next day, the currency shifted to $185 by 2.14%. On November 12, the price escalated to $186.81 by 1.01%. On the next day, the escalation continued and took the ETH price to $189.22 by 1.29%. Today, Ethereum is falling since the opening hour. The counter slipped to $184.89 by 2.29%.

Ethereum is currently dealing at $185. The price has breached the immediate resistance level at $186.36. There is a strong possibility for ETH to drop below the major support level at $182.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $189.75 S1 $186.36
R2 $191.23 S2 $184.45
R3 $193.14 S3 $182.97

Ethereum holds a high possibility of improvement. The currency is recommended for long-term traders. The specified period is anticipated to give a colossal profit.

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